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-- Technology investments insured and protected under DTSA and EUTSD     

-- Historical pricing record provides proof of accurate valuations at funding rounds   
-- Enforcement insurance accelerates and improves syndicate formation       

-- Real-time continuous valuations provide accurate insight on capital deployment

Everything Starts as a Trade Secret 
—the primary drivers of value creation is the industry's first AI-automated IP and Trade Secret asset management platform

Challenges Today

For Employers/Founders/Tech Companies

  • Most Trade Secrets and their Intangible Assets remain unidentified and unprotected

  • Most startups do little to no identification, or tracking with appropriate protections

  • No budget to support Chief Intellectual Property Officers (CIPO) and IP Advisory Boards (IPAC)

  • Cyber and human corporate espionage increasing alongside [un]intentional employee leakaage

  • Employee churn on the rise as FTC proposes federal ban non-compete clauses

For Investors

  • Board of directors unaware or misguided on capital conversion into intangible value

  • Last minute discovery for funding round valuations tedious, lengthy, and prone to human error

  • Founders, investors, and funds are at risk more than ever before

Trade Secret asset management is a MUST

As mortgage companies mandate homeowners insurance…
Funds will mandate systems protecting trade secrets for tech investments.

As with patent enforcement insurance…
enforcement insurance for trade secrets is now feasible.



Automated, AI-driven, One-Stop Solution
—cradle to grave IP provenance and protection

TSAM is the only comprehensive, efficient, consistent solution, comprising:

1. AI-driven trade secret asset management platform —compliant with DTSA and EUTSD

  • Automatically identifies, categorizes, tracks, protects Trade Secrets assets (runs in background) 

  • Non-repudiated metadata notarization on the blockchain —à la scientific notebooks

  • Virtual AI for CIPO and IPAC working on behalf of the Board of directors

  • Continuous reporting —cost, value, and trade secret risk exposure

  • Prior art disclosure, discovery, and patentability determination

2. Trade Secret and IP Insurance —algorithmically-priced enforcement insurance policies

  • Systematic policy pricing based on probability of trade secret exposure and risk

  • Dynamic rates for policies grouping trade secrets company wide

3. IP Legal Services —both human and AI enabled/automated

  • Infringement radar and automatic detection service

  • Additional patent, trademark, and copyright service packages

TSAM: End-to-End IP and Trade Secret Asset Management



For Founders/Tech Startups

  • No training required: minimal end-user setup and interaction

  • Reduces risk from non-compete clause ban: handled through infringement detection and enforcement

  • Eliminates costly rot work: AI is automatically and perpetually identifying, categorizing, pricing and protecting TS assets 

For Investors

  • Technology investments insured and protected under DTSA and EUTSD

  • Historical pricing record provides proof of accurate valuations at funding rounds

  • Enforcement insurance accelerates and improves syndicate formation

  • Real-time continuous valuations provide accurate insight on capital deployment

For IP Specialists

  • Removes laborious work requiring human overhead to improve business scalability

  • Expands serviceable obtainable market while maintaining handsome margins

  • Unique value-added service offering: perfect complement to marketing and educational programs with low barrier to entry

How TSAM Works

Advances in technology such as machine learning, cyber security, and new IP laws in the legal domain provide unique opportunities to streamline the process, making valuations, investing, and fund portfolio management much more accessible and scalable than ever before. TSAM’s AI-enabled platform will help employers and innovators automatically:


  • Mine, track, categorize, and identify trade secret assets, and protect them as they’re created, accessed, and altered

  • Track access and change indelibly with non-repudiation on the blockchain automatically notarizes activities making R&D scientific log notebooks and third party notaries completely unnecessary

  • Ensure compliance of mandated trade secret protection policies (DTSA/EUTSD)

  • Enable legal enforcement and IP board review through end-to-end provenance insight

  • Streamline prior art disclosure/discovery and patentability searches

Do more, scale faster, with less overhead Creators: - Securely accelerate innovation to maximize resources, knowledge, talent, bandwidth, and creations to optimize deliverables - Consolidates all requisite trade secret details for synchronous and asynchronous collaborative review, iteration, and communication Investors: - Quickly and clearly understand the value of a company’s trade secrets and intangible assets - Dramatically reduce the invasive, expensive, and lengthy IP discovery and valuation processes - Minimize delays in pricing rounds and ensure timely exits - Strengthen syndicate formation for subsequent financing rounds - Provide accurate valuations with historical justification and analysis - Reach valuation readiness with a fraction of the time and effort required

About is the latest spinoff from OptDyn's Innovation Labs.
TSAM works in tandem with LifeLine Cable for secure work sessions using any computer, also developed by OptDyn.


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